Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have been slacking a lot in the video blog department, but I've recently gotten back into it!

Here are the last couple I've done! Stay tuned for more.

Drugstore Haulage-

This one was too big to go on youtube!

In My Purse from Mallory Cyr on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sassy Minerals

Due to the peer pressure of the lovely Ashleigh I placed an order a while ago for some pigments at

I have been suffering from MAC withdrawal, but since I'm deeply immersed in "grown up land" of bills, groceries, and real life, I haven't exactly been able to splurge for some time. Never mind the fact that I barely can store all the stuff I have right now.

Enter Ash, that little devil on my shoulder going, "Mal...samples are only .75! They rival MAC pigments!!!!"

Sure enough, I caved, and here is the result.

Please try not to drool on your keyboard. If you do, I am not liable.

(ugh. not sure why the pictures are ginormous, but if you just click on them it should view the whole thing as well as the name of the color..... I will get better at this! Promise!)

At this point, i have only tried, Fairy Wings, Wonderland and Girl's Night Out (which was my favorite of the three.... I'm not sure how I feel about the "lustre" formula) But I will try to post more as I use them, and maybe post some looks and try to revive this blog a little bit for the sake of my lovely followers!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall into Beauty Favorites

When fall rolls around, I am all about getting the essentials, and I am not talking about wardrobe. Last year, I took a big trip to the MAC makeup counter at my local Macy's and called it my “fall wardrobe,” because really, as long as your face looks amazing, nobody is going to notice if you’re wearing a sweater from last year!

Meet Matte:
This year, matte nails are all the rage. Big time brands like OPI, Orly, and Zoya are all releasing the hottest colors in new matte formulas, or you can pick up a new matte top

coat to make your favorite shade that isn’t matte to appear so (check out the one by Orly). I haven’t embraced or even tried the new look, since I adore all things shiny, but for all the newest matte shades and what’s hot right now become a follower of my favorite nail polish blog All Lacquered Up! Or to order your favorite matte shades for a great price check out 8ty8Beauty, or Head2Toe Beauty. Who wouldn’t want the epic summer shade, LaPazitively Hot to carry over into the fall!

Rockin’ the Red:

Red lipstick is a beauty trend that never goes out of style; fall is especially a great time to rock a strong scarlet lip. It is indeed a daring feat that must be approached with caution but when properly executed can complete a look. Last year I picked up So Scarlet by MAC and got so many compliments when I wore it out with a simple bronze eye look. To prepare your lips to take on a red color your first step is to properly exfoliate, either with a toothbrush or washcloth to make sure there is nothing that will make the color look cakey. Then use a liner, either the same shade as your lip color, or clear to gently outline your lips to make sure the color doesn’t bleed. Depending on your preference and specific desire for accuracy you can then apply the lip color directly from the tube (my personal preference) or with a lip brush. Using a brush may also ensure more lasting color. Once the color is applied, blot on a tissue to prevent the color from getting on your teeth and apply a clear, or gold tinted gloss if desired.

Spoil Your Skin:

If you’re like me, the cold air can take a serious toll on sensitive skin. When the seasons change, so does my skin routine. In the summer I can get away with washing my face and just

using a light SPF, but in the fall and winter I have to keep up with moisturizing to keep it from being dry. The only moisturizer I have found to keep my skin soft all day is Mary Kay timewise age fighting moisturizer (in normal to dry). In the colder seasons, I also use a hydrating mask a

couple times a week just for that extra boost of moisture. There are many out there, but my favorite that I have found is Drink Up, hydrating mask by Origins.

Switch Up Your Scent!

One of the things I love about fall is that it’s time to switch out the lighter beachy scents (which will always come back next year!) for warmer, richer scents that remind me of cozy times by a fire, and chilly evenings. I find that these scents tend to cling more to most body chemistries and last longer (so be sure to apply with a lighter hand). Some of my favorite scents for fall are Burberry Brit, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (from Bath and Body Works), or Angel by Thierry

Mugler, but to find your own perfect fall scent, the scent finder at is a great tool!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Staying fabulous through February!


With a new year, comes resolutions. So many of us (women and men alike) make resolutions aimed towards "bettering ourselves" with things like eating healthier, working out more, quitting smoking and the list goes on, but then winter happens. How can you prevent getting into that winter slump and still feel like your fabulous self? Here's a few tips!

Don't let winter win. Stay Active!
Although we have great intentions with these resolutions, when the cold weather hits, our primitive instincts seem only to want to eat or sleep. "It's too cold. I'll do it tomorrow." or "but this holiday food looks so good!" Are some of the excuses we use when surrendering to the force of winter.

It may take some extra effort to take care of yourself in the winter but it's essential that you do! With the short days and grey skies, it's too easy to fall into a slump and forget what it's like to feel good about yourself.
It may be true that it's too cold to go for a walk or run outside, but take the extra time to go to the gym or run on the treadmill during your favorite show. you'll be surprised at how quick it goes by and how much better you feel!
Plus- when spring comes, you'll already have a jump on fitting into that new bathing suit!

Take care of what people see:
I had a realization this year after being a total high maintenance diva last summer, that when winter comes I totally STOP taking care of myself. Because- in the winter, it is just too easy. i've heard people talk about how they haven't shaved their legs in a month, and really, as much as that would not be my personal choice, it's so much easier to get away with come December and January because they're buried under long pants, and not taking center stage. however, when you do make such a choice, it doesn't mean you have to throw all personal maintenance to the blustery winter wind.

What about what people DO see? Put the few extra minutes you do have into filing and painting your nails (or get them done), or doing your hair or makeup. With all the monstrous layers, the focus will be on your face, so make sure it's what you want to show the world! Maybe even treat yourself to a new hair style to represent the change in the coming year!

Live for You:
Now, although people may not be seeing your legs in the winter, and for some people that is enough reason to not shave them, I cannot STAND if my legs are prickly and rub together when I go to bed. This for me is enough reason to continue to shave regardless of the season. We spend so much time as a society primping to "look good" for other people. What about just doing it because we want to, and it makes US feel good? Taking a hot bubble bath or treating yourself to a facial does not have to be reserved for a special night. Indulge in a little pampering when you just plan on staying in, or need some time for quiet reflection. Focus on what makes you feel good, not just what other people think you should do!

One cruel power the winter cold has is zapping the moisture from everything. This is what causes every beauty annoyance of the season- rough skin, staticky hair, chapped lips, cracked heels. To stay sleek and smooth don't forget to moisturize! Use a moisturizing shampoo (like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration ($3.99, and deep condition your hair whenever possible (Alberto VO5 hot oil weekly deep conditioner $5.99
This will make hair healthier and stronger and less likely to get frizzy and fall victim to static!

Use a moisturizing lotion daily (not just the scented kind that provides a thin veil of moisture on the top of skin) preferaly right after showering, when the moisture will be locked in. My most recent favorite is Dove Cream Oil intensive body lotion for very dry skin.

At night, slather on an even more intense cream (or I use a solid moisturizer from LUSH- see my last post) and sleep with socks on! You'll be surprised at the results! but you have to keep it up! Consistency is key in keeping your skin soft and healthy! And don't forget- LIP BALM, LIPBALM LIPBALM! My absolute favorites are from My Lip Stuff. They're all natural, come in hundreds of flavors and make your lips shiny while providing moisture! You can't beat that!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

LUSH- first time experience!


So, I have been reading about Lush for ages, but there is no store in my state, and I couldn't commit to ordering things online. I either would just want to order anything, or in reality was too scared to take the plunge to some of the bizarre looking products!

But last weekend on the way home from NYC, we took a detour and ended up in Boston. I saw people walking around with LUSH bags and sniffed out the store!
It was an incredible experience! My sister, who is 15 was with me, and I thought she'd be bored out of her skull, but she ended up being so excited and jumping up and down saying "OMG can we get this too??? PLEEEASE!" She didn't have to plead too much though, I am in love.

We walked around in a daze for a little while, sniffing stuff, and just taking it all in, but eventually I initiated and asked the lovely sales lady to show me products that would give me a good first impression and get me hooked.

She was definitely good at her job and whisked me over to the sink and used the best sellers which were: Ocean Salt scrub, Dream Cream,and lemony flutter cream. She let us walk around and take our time, but she told us about anything else we had questions about. My sister had a great time with the shower jellies, and I DEFINITELY will be getting a shimmer body moisturizer for the holiday season. I used the iridescent one on my arm and spent the rest of the day looking at it and saying "I'm a fairy!!" I thought my sister would slap me. But hey, it made me feel like a kid again.

Bottom line: I seriously could have bought half the store. I didn't even LOOK at hair products until we were on our way out.

At the end of the venture we left with:

· Dream Cream (which I have since fell in love with, and living in Maine, with 6 months of winter, i will never be without)- I have been using this every day when I get out of the shower, and have really noticed a difference in my skin. I'm tempted to get rid of all my other body lotions and just use this. It soaks right in, providing REAL moisture, and the smell is very pleasant and mild. Plus- a little bit goes a long way!

· Figs & Leaves soap- I have never been a fan of bar soap but with their vast variety I was willing to at least give it a try! This has a very pleasant, unique smell, and tiny exfoliating bits in it. When I use it in the shower, it does make my skin have that weird tight feeling that other soaps do when I rinse off. BUT when I get out and dry off, I notice the difference in my skin, it really is soft, moisturized, and clean. I will definitely be trying more LUSH soaps!

· Cupcake mask (for the sister- who has troublesome teen skin)- Haven't used this one, since it isn't for my skin type, I'll have to check in with the sis for a full review, but it smells DELICIOUS! A little like floral brownie batter! Strange but incredible.

· The seaweed mask for dry skin. I've used this several times since I've had it, and it is fabulous. First of all, just using it fresh from the fridge is very refreshing and reviving to my skin. The seaweed pieces make it exfoliating without being harsh, and my skin feels so soft and clean after! It smells like a product straight from an exclusive spa too! I will continue to use this through the winter to battle the dryness of my skin.

· Soft touch solid moisturizer (we tried this and couldn't stop sniffing our arms the whole way home). I rub this on my hands and feet before going to bed at night and when I wake up in the morning they are silky smooth. I actually have found myself slipping on my hardwood floor because my skin is so soft! Once again, like all LUSH products, the smell is unique but addicting! Love this for winter!

All in all so much fun. I've been using the stuff religiously and really seen a difference in my skin. I am already working on my wishlist for Christmas!

Let me know what your favorite products are so I make sure I don't miss out on anything fabulous!


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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MAC fluidline is love!

Ok. So after years of hunting, this has been the pot of gold at my eyeliner rainbow!

However, not only is it my HG eyeliner, it is the one product that began my addiction to MAC cosmetics. That is giving it a lot of credit!

I had been using a generic pencil eyeliner, that worked, but by the end of the day it aways looked like I had been in a bar fight, or hadn't slept in six days. We all know the classic smudging. resulting in dark undereye circles. Annoying right?

I had always been sort of intimidated by makeup counters but I was on a mission. I stood by the MAC counter casually looking at the eyeshadows and lipsticks, when a fabulous M.A. asked me if he could help me. I said I had a question about eyeliner, and without hesitation he launched into a demo of every eyeliner they had, telling me the pros and cons of each one. Long story short, he gave me a look and taught me the basics of the fluidline, and it was love at first application!

It is absolutely perfect. It applies smoothly with a brush and you can apply it absolutely any way you want. Once it's on it lasts all day and into the night and does not smudge AT ALL!!!! It does wear off the waterline a little by the end of the day but on lids it lasts for ages. My only itty bitty complaints are.

1) The price. But a pot lasts forever, so it's easy to overlook.

2) I have to line my waterline/bottom lid before I put my contacts in or I get black smudges on my lenses which makes it look like I have black smudges on my eye whites! Ew.

It took me a little practice to get it down (lord it took me a whole summer to learn to apply eyeliner in general without getting it 6 inches from my lash line! So I'm growing up!) but now I'm a master and have even bought it in more colors, but black is my staple.

I also discovered a way to make it last a little longer on the bottom line, is to take a pencil liner, dip it in the fluidliner and apply both at once!

It's not a pencil, but it definitely as challenging as liquid (which I haven't even tried, but I have some coming to me, so stay tuned!) and it's super easy to learn! I recommend anyone who's hunting for a lasting, smudge proof eyeliner, at least give it a shot!

I know I'm glad I did, and I'm almost ready for my 2nd pot!

Job well done MAC!

Frederic Fekkai Glossing Line!

To be perfectly honest, I've never really given my hair the attention it deserved until recently. I was in school, and always just wanted to be in and out of the community shower as fast as possible. I often utilized 2-in-1 products and would just blast it dry quickly to get to class.

Now that I'm home I've really started taking care of myself more, and my hair is finally getting to do more than sit in a sad little pony tail!

When I was last in DC, I found myself at the Pentagon City Mall before a meeting, since I had some time to kill.

I spied Frederic Fekkai's Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner and bought the small bottle of this and the conditioner on a whim. I decided to just splurge and see what the hype was all about, figuring I wouldn't like it so it wouldn't matter.

My hair is very soft and fine and all the "glossing" products I've tried have made it look greasy and weighed down but I figured I'd give this one shot for kicks. Seeing as it's over $20 for a bottle of just shampoo, I was almost disappointed to find out it made my hair look FABULOUS!!! I used a teeny amount of the shampoo then the conditioner and blowdried my hair and it looks healthy and full. Usually there's a little frizz, so I quickly run a straightener through it and it looks like I just came from the salon.

I definitely get the hype now, and just recently used up my mini bottles. I will eventually bit the bullet and buy bigger ones. Now I'm dying to try the color protection line, and the glossing creme! Sadly. I am hooked.

My name is Mallory, and I love Frederic Fekkai. <3