Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MAC fluidline is love!

Ok. So after years of hunting, this has been the pot of gold at my eyeliner rainbow!

However, not only is it my HG eyeliner, it is the one product that began my addiction to MAC cosmetics. That is giving it a lot of credit!

I had been using a generic pencil eyeliner, that worked, but by the end of the day it aways looked like I had been in a bar fight, or hadn't slept in six days. We all know the classic smudging. resulting in dark undereye circles. Annoying right?

I had always been sort of intimidated by makeup counters but I was on a mission. I stood by the MAC counter casually looking at the eyeshadows and lipsticks, when a fabulous M.A. asked me if he could help me. I said I had a question about eyeliner, and without hesitation he launched into a demo of every eyeliner they had, telling me the pros and cons of each one. Long story short, he gave me a look and taught me the basics of the fluidline, and it was love at first application!

It is absolutely perfect. It applies smoothly with a brush and you can apply it absolutely any way you want. Once it's on it lasts all day and into the night and does not smudge AT ALL!!!! It does wear off the waterline a little by the end of the day but on lids it lasts for ages. My only itty bitty complaints are.

1) The price. But a pot lasts forever, so it's easy to overlook.

2) I have to line my waterline/bottom lid before I put my contacts in or I get black smudges on my lenses which makes it look like I have black smudges on my eye whites! Ew.

It took me a little practice to get it down (lord it took me a whole summer to learn to apply eyeliner in general without getting it 6 inches from my lash line! So I'm growing up!) but now I'm a master and have even bought it in more colors, but black is my staple.

I also discovered a way to make it last a little longer on the bottom line, is to take a pencil liner, dip it in the fluidliner and apply both at once!

It's not a pencil, but it definitely as challenging as liquid (which I haven't even tried, but I have some coming to me, so stay tuned!) and it's super easy to learn! I recommend anyone who's hunting for a lasting, smudge proof eyeliner, at least give it a shot!

I know I'm glad I did, and I'm almost ready for my 2nd pot!

Job well done MAC!


rohit said...
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Ashleigh said...

i almost LOL'd out loud at the "6 inches away from my lashline" line.