Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sassy Minerals

Due to the peer pressure of the lovely Ashleigh I placed an order a while ago for some pigments at

I have been suffering from MAC withdrawal, but since I'm deeply immersed in "grown up land" of bills, groceries, and real life, I haven't exactly been able to splurge for some time. Never mind the fact that I barely can store all the stuff I have right now.

Enter Ash, that little devil on my shoulder going, "Mal...samples are only .75! They rival MAC pigments!!!!"

Sure enough, I caved, and here is the result.

Please try not to drool on your keyboard. If you do, I am not liable.

(ugh. not sure why the pictures are ginormous, but if you just click on them it should view the whole thing as well as the name of the color..... I will get better at this! Promise!)

At this point, i have only tried, Fairy Wings, Wonderland and Girl's Night Out (which was my favorite of the three.... I'm not sure how I feel about the "lustre" formula) But I will try to post more as I use them, and maybe post some looks and try to revive this blog a little bit for the sake of my lovely followers!


Ashleigh said... and i'm so glad you did too :)

Jess Cha said...

i can't wait til i get mine!!!!!

Princess Malphaba said...

Ash. you're a bad influence!
Jess- yes! You had better post pictures too!!!!